Why Using this App can Make Your Therapy Better

Bruce Wampold, PhD
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Why Using this App can Make Your Therapy Better


We want you to have the best experience possible in therapy… and we know you do too!

Your relationship with your therapist is key to a successful outcome. This app is designed to strengthen that relationship by providing information on how you are doing and how well you and your therapist are working together. This practice is called Measurement-Based Care (MBC). MBC is now recognized as an evidence-based practice in psychotherapy and is included in several mental health professional guidelines.

It is straightforward—you complete some short assessments and then share this information with your therapist.

  • Symptoms (Monday)
    Most people who seek therapy have trouble with depression and anxiety. On Monday we will ask you to complete a questionnaire on depression (PHQ-9) and one on anxiety (GAD7). You should see your depression and anxiety decrease over the course of therapy. If you are concerned about your progress, talk to your therapist.

  • Well-being and Loneliness (Wednesday)
    Most people come to therapy desiring much more than fewer symptoms. Generally, they want a greater sense of well-being and less loneliness. On Wednesday we will ask about well-being with the WHO5 and loneliness with the Loneliness Scale from the UCLA-3 plus an additional item. Your well-being should increase and your loneliness should decrease. Again if you are concerned about your progress, talk to your therapist.

  • Confidence in Therapist and Confidence in Treatment (Friday)
    To help you develop a good working relationship with your therapist, we included items on your confidence in your therapist and your confidence in the treatment on Friday. If you have concerns about your relationship with your therapist or are not feeling confident, talk to your therapist.

  • Taking medication
    If you are on medication for your mental health problems, we want to know if you are having problems taking the medication or experiencing side-effects. We also ask about medications on Monday.

Track Your Progress and Start Taking Control of Your Therapy

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